Thursday, October 22, 2009

I can stare at his cute face all day...

Owen's First Smile On Camera

Daddy came home as I was trying to capture his beautiful smile on camera (our camera takes three seconds to take a picture). Owen smiled long enough when daddy walked through the door and greeted his little boy. Owen loves his dad!

Family date/Owen 3 months old :)

What a handsome little hunk!

Deep thinking...

I love tall stalks of corn. It was a fun activity!
Dad and Owen keeping warm.

October 16, 2009
Tonight we went on a family date to celebrate Owen's three month birthday. We hope that he enjoyed it! :) We went to Cornbelly's Corn Maze and saw a pig race. It was something different to do and it was fun.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a messy day :)

Wow.. what a day to remember. We decided to give Owen one shot at a time. Today was his first one. Well, he gave mom a couple of presents a few hours later. First, he exploded on me, when of course I forgot to wrap him in a blanket like I always do when he is sitting on my lap. Then, for the first time ever he peed on me all over my shorts. Later on, while I was changing him he peed on me again. Each time he left a mess on me he smiled and gigled a bit. He was getting me back for taking him to the doctor's. I think Nate might have to take him in next time. What a smart kid. We sure do love him. Hopefully we will be able to capture his cute smile on camera soon...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So, Shelly and I just got done watching The Biggest Loser, a show where overweight contestants compete against each other to see who can lose the biggest percentage of weight over a time period. I think that it is interesting that while watching that show, I always get "the munchies". I don't get it, isn't that show supposed to motivate you to eat better and work out more???

Owen is starting to smile more often now; it used to be that he would only smile while he was farting or pooing his pants, but now you can actually get him to smile. Being a father is pretty awesome, its amazing that I have a little one the will look up to me as an example to pattern his life after.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So, Shelly, Owen and I just finished watching conference, it was awesome. Yesterday I had the flue so I ended up sleeping through it for most of the day but Shelly tells me it was pretty awesome. I would have to say that my favorite talk today was Elder Hollands, that dude is so straight forward it rocks my world. Anyways, after the spiritual uplifting Owen decided he wanted to take a nap on dad's lap, I love it when he does that because it makes me feel like a good dad.