Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Perfect Day

Yes, today was as close as it could get to being a perfect day. I got up early for some reason and was able to go yard sale hunting. I didn't find what I was looking for, but it was fun and I found a few toys for Owen :). Nate had some bonding time with Owen that he enjoyed. Owen was very cuddly today. When Owen took a nap we all took a nap :). When Owen woke up we went to visit Nate's parents. We had a nice visit. Then, they took care of Owen while we went on a date to an early dinner, ice cream and then to see Shrek 4. Afterwards we were able to spend more time with Nate's parents while Nate helped clean out the rain gutters. He really enjoys completing random projects around the house. Nate went to the store while I stayed in the car while Owen slept. At home we put Owen to bed and Nate drained out our water heater. Now we are here just relaxing and putting on another movie for the night. It was so nice not to have to hurry anywhere for a meeting, test, or Nate having to think about homework. It was nice to just be able to enjoy the simple things of life, like spending time with loved ones.

The picture above is one of Owen and his friend Abby. :) We love his little smile.