Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey everyone, this last week I was in Chicago for work, I left Monday morning for work, left there at about 2:30 and then proceeded to wait at the airport for 5 hours while they tried to get a flight crew to fly our plane. Anyways, I came back on Friday to find that my little boy has continued to grow like a weed. It seems like all he does now is smile and say "I love you!" it is the best. I am so blessed with such a great family who loves me so much! I can't wait for Lydia to come in a few months, but I am also glad to spend some time with Owen before she comes. Shelly is the best mom ever, even though she doesn't feel very well, she is still so patient with Owen and he loves to play with her. Yesterday I went to go see the 7th Harry Potter with my Dad and Mom, I would recommend seeing it, I thought they did a good job of following the story line (way better than the 6th movie).

Owen woke up from his nap today and was very upset with something (I think he was hot). So being the good dad that I was, I rocked him back to sleep for about 5 minutes, then all of the sudden he pops up and starts acting like nothing happened. It is pretty funny how kids can have such a different moods from one minute to another.

Well, thanks for listening, hope you have a good day!