Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello, It is my turn (Nate) to post on our blog. We have recently been having a lot of fun as a family. We were able to go down to St. George and visit my older Sister Amy and her family. We were able to help them lay some cement in their back yard. It was a lot of hard work but it was fun to spend time with the family. My mom and Dad
were able to join us down there so it was good to
spend some time with them.

We were also able to go to the St. George temple visitors temple, we made the mistake of watching the families are forever movie where the grandpa dies and the family has a hard time dealing with it. Whoops, We couldn't help but think about our kids Grandpa who is sick right now. Owen tried to lighten the mood by saying "Temple, Temple!!" the whole time.

Here are some pictures of our fun time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The last few months... :) Part 1... I am still trying to figure this blog thing out.. this is the best I can do for now.... this is part 1 of this years randomness.... upcoming for Part 2 randomness will be Lydia's blessing day...Easter in St. George..and other pictures.. I hope you enjoy these ones :) have a Happy Day! Shelly

Owen and Lydia :)

Fun picture over the holidays...

Nate's 26th B-day a few weeks before Lydia's birth
... and Owen wearing dadd'y shoes...

Happy 40th Anniversary!!!

4th of July

Kelly Heather and Shelly @
Children's Forest
Arrowbear, CA

Grandpa Harold and Grandma Denise with Owen....and it looks like he has Mickey Mouse ears

What handsome guys!!!

Owen "Driving Drunk" with his water :)

Lydia's first time at the ocean...Huntington beach...

Hazel and Lydia

oops .. don't know how to delete...but it is a funny pic....


Hayes Family... minus one in heaven.. love you dad!

Owen 2nd B-day..

Owen slam dunking....he love to shoot the ball!

He is learning early... football, BYU, and president Monson...

Owen and his buddy Jacob.. happy 2nd B-day!

Lydia and Uncle Tony

Girls just want to have fun!

Happy B-day Owen... partying with family in the pool

Four generation picture...

Owen in the pool with dad....Just can't get enough of her pretty face :)