Monday, April 5, 2010

New Happenings

Wow...April is already here. A lot of things have been happening in our family over the past couple of months. As most of you already know, we bought a condo in December. We got settled in as much as we could with our crazy schedule. This semester in school has been busy for us. Nate started traveling for his new position at work as a trainer the end of January. He also has had Friday night and Saturday morning classes... not fun.. but it fell into place perfectly with his job. I was able to "retire" from Deseret Industries as a Job Coach/Trainer on March 22nd. I now enjoyed being with Owen during the day and not having to get him up in the morning and leave him with someone else. Yeah :) It has calmed down a bit in our household. Nate will be done with his weekend classes in just a few weeks :) and then he will be graduating in August. For Nate's birthday, Owen and I accompanied him on one of his work trips to Florida. I was able to meet a few distant relatives and we went to the beach one day. I will post some of the pictures from that trip. We hope all is going great for you and hopefully, by being at home I will be blogging more frequently.
Owen's First Airplane Trip
Owen's First Beach Trip:
South Beach, Miami Florida

Nate's 25th Birthday :)