Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Lydia

Hey everyone, we have a new member of our family. Lydia Lynette Peterson was Born on Feburary 28th at 7:55 a.m. She was 8 lbs and 9 oz. She as also 19 inches long. So far she has been a champ. Mom is also a champ, she handled the C-section very well. I am one proud Dad/Husband. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment more info coming.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's To All

Well, we have had quite the week. Owen with the flu, and me with "pregnancy sickness" as a daily "activity" and then myself getting the flu. Not fun for any of us, but Nate has been a real trooper. I am so grateful that I have him as my husband and Valentine. Here are just some of the things he did this week.
  • Woke up and cleaned up the vomit Owen had got all over me, the floor and Owen
  • Bisselled Owen's room the next day
  • Took out all the furniture in our room and Bisselled our room after Owen left some more yummies all over our floor
  • He rearranged the room by himself
  • Went and picked up dinner when I was too sick to cook, and it tasted so good (and it stayed down :)).
  • He got me out of the house on a short date to get ice cream, even though I was feeling awful. I sure felt better after :) I can always use a little ice cream
  • He went grocery shopping even though it is one of his least favorite things to do
  • He has let me rest basically from 1pm yesterday, until now.. taking care of Owen, asking if I need anything, and not complaining that I have been in our bed or on the coach for the last 24 hours.
  • Went and got a redbox and brought me home a treat- Peanut M and M's one of my favorites
  • Brought me some flowers for an early Valentine's gift
  • Gave me a blessing last night and fulfills his other priesthood duties.
  • Took Owen to church without even making a sound
  • Recently he applied for and accepted a new job at his work as a Junior Project Manager- This is the third job he has moved to within the company and the third job he has accepted. That says a lot. He is a hard worker, quick learner, and gets along with others. I have full confidence that he will do a great job at his new position
Thanks Nate for being the best husband and Valentine's ever!

I hope that all of you have a great Valentine's Day! I am also grateful for a wonderful family (both Hayes and Peterson) and friends and neighbors... Love you all lots!

P.S. something cute Owen did this week. He was next to me by the toilet when I happened to have a vomit attack.. He said, "EWE." and then a few moments later said, "I love you." It was so sweet. He is such a good and loving boy. We are excited for little miss Lydia to come anytime :) but we are trying to be patient.