Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hey everyone, hope this post finds you well.

We have had an exciting few weeks, Lydia has started walking all over the place and Owen started potty training this last weekend.  We are on day 3, and so far, it hasn't been too bad.  Most of the time he gets his #2 in the toilet, its the #1 that he is having a problem with.  He is always telling us that he has to go potty after he goes.  Its alright though, he is trying really hard.  Lydia, is growing up so fast it is amazing.  It seems like just a few weeks ago she was just learning to crawl.  now she has a big tooth filled grin everywhere she walks.  For me, I have decided that I need to get my fat butt in shape and will start to exercise a little.  There is a bunch of people at work that play Ultimate Frisbee during lunch on Wednesday's, I thought I might join them and do some other things during the week.  Shelly continues to be the best mom and wife ever.  She does so much to make our kids who they are and she tries extra hard to be an awesome example to them and to me.  I sure do love her.  I am so lucky to have her.

Below are some cute pictures of just random things I thought you might enjoy.

Hope everything is going well with you all.