Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

-Memorial Day Weekend- Wow... I believe this was one of the first weekends that Nate and I were able to enjoy 3 days together without working (me) and him having classes to attend to etc. It was really nice. We went on a family date (a.k.a. a date with Owen), spent time with family going miniature golfing on Saturday and enjoying a fry fest on Sunday and then rested most of the day today along with having FHE with some friends. It has been great fun :) I am grateful for Memorial Day Weekend , not just for the fun and parties, but also because it is a chance I get to remember those who have passed on and reflect on their lives. Of course I am remembering the life of my Father, John Hayes. I hope that I will always remember what a wonderful example he is and wonderful father, dad, friend and human being that he was and still is: Some of the many qualities that I remember about him:
  • Happiness: He was always Happy. When showing my friend Rachelle his pictures a few weeks ago she noticed that even when he was sick and full of cancer, he always had a smile on his face. He loved to make jokes, (that weren't very funny) and then laugh at them.
  • Positive Attitude: My dad always saw the positive side of situations and people. He had a lot of friends, including those that others might have labeled as weird or maybe even obnoxious. He was able to find the good in everyone and love them no matter what. I remember him saying " If you look for the bad you will find the bad, If you look for the good, you will find the good."
  • Respector of Agency: As a Father, he rarely ever stated his opinions about my decisions until after I made the choice. I remember on various occasions I went to him for advice on things that were of great worth to me and he wouldn't budge. He wanted me to work through the problems/questions/choices myself and then maybe days, weeks or years later he would tell me what he had though at the time. A few weeks before he passed away, he answered a thought I had always questioned. I always wondered if I had made the right decision not to play collegiate softball and to participate in other activities. While visiting him before he passed away he looked at me and told me he thought I had made the right decision to not play softball competitively anymore. To me that meant a lot to hear it from him. I believe that he really wanted his kids to be independent thinkers and to live our own lives and choose how we wanted to live because he believed in the gift of agency.
  • A servant of God: He was a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He attended church weekly and strived to live those principles in his life. He was always willing to serve when asked. He worked the graveyard shift 6 days a week usually getting off in the morning. On Saturdays, even though he had finished a week of work, when he found out someone needed help moving- He would go straight from work and move the family until it was complete ...and then he would go to bed. He never complained when it came to serving someone-whether it be a neighbor, family member, friend or stranger. He was always ready and willing.
  • A Family Man: Besides the softball field (or other sporting events of his kids) he loved to be at home. He enjoyed hanging out with his wife and kids. Saturday and some Friday nights were dad's night at home. Usually watching a t.v. show on the coach with my mom. He loved to support his kids in their activities. He lost a lot of sleep for many years because of it. He also called my mom every night at 9:30pm to talk to her on his lunch break. He just enjoyed being at home and wasn't fond of "going out" all the time. He was content with the simple life :)
He lived a simple life that touched many and I hope that the legacy that he has left will always live on. I love you dad!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Owen has learned to crawl as of this last week. He loves the fact that he can get around without any help from Mom and Dad. Now that he can crawl, he is aiming towards Walking, although I think he has set his sights a little high. His balance is still a little off :). Anyways, we are all doing good here in the Peterson home. I am loving my job traveling around the world. I do miss Shelly and Owen while I am gone. Shelly is staying home and loving every minute of it. She is preparing for a half marathon in a few months and is putting me to shame. I have a picture of myself on my computer of when I got home from my Mission. That was 50 lbs. ago. It is acting as motivation to me to get my rear onto my bike or into a gym. Love you all and hope you are doing great. Peace!