Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hawaii etc...

Nate has been really good about blogging. I on the other hand enjoy the "old school" journal writing method of keeping track of lifetime fun :) Here goes trying to be more technologically oriented.. and being able to share with you our lives together as a family...

Last week we were able to take a vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. My mom came out and bonded with Owen while we spent time together on another island paradise trip :). We had a nice time!!! Here are some photos of the fun and relaxation...

Waikiki Beach... We were two blocks away at our hotel. We enjoyed the sunny weather and nice water. We were able to see a hula show and I enjoyed how they had some parts of the street lined with torches around sunset.
Before we left Owen gave Daddy a few HUGE squeezes. I had never seen him hug so strongly. It was so sweet and I was glad to catch the moment on camera :)
Owen is such a fun happy energetic "little"guy. He and grandma Denise hit it off and had a great week together.
Owen loves his grandparents.
At the top of Diamond Head we had a beautiful few of Honolulu and other cities of Hawaii. It was a short hike and not too strenuous.
Nate and I at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We LOVED our day there. It was great entertainment and very educational. We saw many performances and learned the history/culture of various islands.
At the village of the New Zealanders (AKA...Ateadores...I think)...Nate participated in the welcome ceremony as a part of the Honor Guard. He did great! :)
We were able to go to the Laie Hawaii Temple Open House. It was a beautiful temple. I especially liked the paintings on the inside. In some places the ceiling was short (It was built in 1919) and Nate had to turn his head in order not to hit the lights. :)

We enjoyed going to Pearl Harbor. We took a boat around the memorials and walked around others.
Shelly, Grandma Denise, and Owen before we took her to the airport.